About Dr. Wilson

I was raised in Santa Barbara. My Dad was a marine biologist at UCSB and my Mom was a housewife. I have a younger brother. I went to UCLA undergrad (linguistics and psychology) and UCSB for a Masters degree in Biology. I went to medical school in Detroit, Michigan, at Wayne State University. I did internship and residency in California at California Pacific Medical Center and Mercy Hospital respectively in Internal Medicine. I married hubby Don during my third year of medical school. We moved to Solvang in 1996 and I worked for Dr. Heringer and Dascanio for two years. I ran my own practice from 1998-2008. Our son Michael was born in 1998. After 2008 my family lived with and took care of my parents in southern Oregon. I became a hospitalist and chief medical officer of a rural hospital. After that I took a job with the VA as an academic hospitalist where I taught residents and was an Associate Professor and supervisor of a group of hospitalists.  I returned to Santa Barbara in 2015 at the VA primary care clinic and opened this concierge practice in May 2017. I have become a Fellow in the American College of Physicians (the internal medicine group) and in the Society of Hospital Medicine.  Fellowship in these two groups is based on professional achievement. I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine.


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